My Vision of Mantrailing

working and training with passion and honesty, that's my way!

I would like to dedicate myself to justice and fairness!

Even as a small child I stood up for the underdog, the one who was in distress, and I went through the fire for them!  

When I was young this feeling was rather unstructured, now I know very well that helping other people is one of the most important things in my life.

Therefore Search and Rescue work fitted me like a glove. Helping the police and families to find missing persons or relatives is a job that I carry out  with heart and soul!

Sometimes a missing person just got lost and it's fantastic that you can bring those people back "home". That makes my job such a beautiful job to do.

Regular Search and Rescue Dogs Work

In 1998, I was drawn to the world of SAR work and soon I became passionate about it. A few years later it was replaced by a more specialized form: mantrailing, it fulfilled me with passion for deployment in real situations.

Humans and animals unique

As every person is unique in its nature, so is every dog. Each dog and handler team is different in how they work and learn. Everyone wants the same: to find missing people, but there are many different ways in achieving that.

Monique van Weeren


For me honesty comes first in everything I do. Honesty to yourself and your dog. Open to other people and their unique dogs. Only then can you decide which way works best for your specific team.

In practice

In practice, I am not going to force you to use a particular method that might make you and/or your dog insecure and that might turn working with your dog into a frustration.

Therefore, I look at situations that worked well for you and your dog and use that as a foundation for further training.

In my blog you can read a story about a dog handler who got confidence in his dog when that dog used his great nose to pick up the smell and was able to follow scent trail. 

My aim is to work towards confident dog and handler teams. So handler and dog know what to do and they understand each other very well.

Building confidence comes with its ups and downs. But if you see progress it’s a good feeling. Every team has to go its own way, no one is infallible and there is always a new challenge waiting for you around the corner.

Put on you're realistic glasses! Work and train with passion and honesty. That's my way to do it!

I can help you with theory and or practice relying on my many years of experience in mantrailing and in applying many different training methods.

Want to know more? Attend a seminar or follow weekly lessons.

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What others say about Mantrailing Nederland

Hanneke blokdijk

" For several years I attended Monique’s workshops and seminars. Why Monique do you think, there are many more instructors that can teach handlers and their dogs to trail? 

Yes there are, but in mantrailing I think Monique really is one of the best. I had several instructors, some giving me more fun than others. With Monique, however, it is more than fun, thanks to her great knowledge and skills. She always walks besides you, gives direct positive feedback, and evaluates immediately after walking the track. I have learned a lot!

And every time she taught me something new. Mantrailing is like a "sport" in which it is almost impossible to reach perfection. So you and your dog need constant training. 

During those training sessions you run into problems automatically, problems you then bring forward during a workshop or seminar. 

Monique then invents an exercise that tackles the problem immediately. I think that is real craftmanship! 

Furthermore Monique does not impose strict methods, she asks why do you do the things the way you do them. If you can explain your approach it is fine, if she thinks there are objections to your way of working, she says that too. As long as you do not mistreat your dog, you can work the way you're used to. That gives confidence to both dog and handler.

As you can guess I definitely recommend Monique if you really want to learn mantrailing with your dog.

Hanneke Blokdijk

Recreatieve serieuze mantrailer

Madeleine Borgers


“The mantrailing workshop of Monique van Weeren is highly recommended. 

We attended this workshop with a group where some participants were more experienced than others. Monique knew perfectly well how to switch between these different combinations. 

In addition, she can “read” the dogs really well and that is very important for mantrailing. She is very positive and has a huge passion for her profession! I enjoyed it to the full!

See you again soon! ”

Madeleine Bongers

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