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Workshops mantrailing for beginners and  advanced teams

The workshop is intended for people who are interested in mantrailing or already did some training in mantrailing..

In the workshop you will discover whether your dog has talent and whether you like mantrailing yourself. (Beginners)

For the more advanced team: learning to read Joure dog better, problemsolving etc. ​

In this workshop you will learn the following:

- Facts and fiction about mantrailing.

- Differences between mantrailing for fun and mantrailing in real situations.

- The first steps in mantrailing.

- Which materials are needed.

Duration: 1 day from 9.30 am to 4 pm

Costs: € 90 including coffee, tea, excluding lunch.

Group size: max 5 a 6 teams per instructor

This workshop is offered limited during the year.

See the Agenda for the first available date.

Seminars for all levels

These workshops and seminars usually last 1 to 2 days and are intended for teams that have already attended workshops. For teams who, for example, want to take lessons from another instructor or want to expand their abilities.

Costs: € 90 per day including coffee and tea 

Group size: max 5 to 6 teams per instructor.

These workshops / seminars are given throughout the Netherlands or abroad.

On your request I will visit you on site.

See the Agenda for the first available date.


Per mail of telefonisch kun je hierover meer informatie opvragen.  

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