Trainingscenter for specialized  SAR dog work 

There is mantrailing and professional mantrailing and there is a world of difference between them.

Mantrailing is a specialized form of Search and Rescue work and within this specialism you also have mantrailing and professional mantrailing.

The latter form is used within the actual deployment of finding missing persons.

I mainly focus on the latter and on the proper training of teams.

Do you want to learn to work with your dog in this way and do you want guidance from a professional?

Then attend my group lessons, the modules or the workshops / seminars.

If there are more dog handlers in your town or village or club who are interested I can come to you and give the lessons or workshop on site.

Contact me:In case of

In case of urgent needing help for a missing person in The Netherlands

Contact  the SAR-group and ask for mantrailing-dogs: Mantrailgroep Nederland.

This group has certified mantrailing-dogs. Is a non-profit organisation. you can ask their help 24/7 

Call: +31 6 27 11 11 50

Over Mantrailing NL

About Mantrailing Nederland

Mantrailing Netherlands is a training center for specialized Search and Rescue work. We guarantee knowledge, experience and honest feedback when training dogs in the most complicated way of working with dogs: mantrailing!

I am Monique and owner of MantrailingNL. I provide the best possible training for people who want to support the police and family when someone is missing.

My strength is the knowledge about the interaction between the tracking dog and the handler. During the training, dog handlers learn to trust their intuition. 

So in a real situation they know perfectly well which method they can use best.

Want to learn more from an experienced trainer?

Mantrailing is complex, special if you wanted to learn it properly. How nice it is to learn it from a experienced trainer, how know all the in's and out's and done a lot of call-its by herself? 

There are many ways to train a Mantrail-dog. How to choose?

Years and years I have trained many dogs for mantrailing. I got my knowledges all over the world, train a lot "methods" and styles for mantrailing. I myself kept an open mind and only do the best for you and you're dog.

Insecure about the scent-work of you're Mantrail-dog? 

Are you insecure about the work of you're dog and do you have the feeling you can't help others of they need you're help in case of a missing person? Contact me!

What tells others about  Mantrailing Nederland

I have been mantrailing for some time now but after starting off I came across difficulties with my first K9. Whilst researching on the web about different mantrailing instructors and methods I learned about Monique Van Weeren from K9 S&R Mantrailing Nederlands. After quite a bit of correspondence working through some problems together and getting to know her better, I invited her to come do a seminar in Cape Town, South Africa in November 2018. This was a good decision.

Monique has an in depth understanding of mantrailing having trained with some of the "greats" learning various methods and skills along the way. She has further tailored her knowledge for Urban S&R having a lot of success over the years. Through her seminars she teaches the tools needed for a K9 team to train in urban areas. She has a incredible ability to read dogs and their handlers and set up trails to match their skill level helping handlers progress quickly. After the seminar I have definitely learned how to push the boundaries, read my dog better and use these tools to help other handlers whilst remaining honest and true to myself about the abilities of my K9. Monique really was great company as well as a knowledgeable mantrailing handler and we certainly look forward to the next time Monique comes out to South Africa.

John Padbury 

K9 Mantrailing

South Africa

Sibylle Lange

Monique van Weeren ist eine sehr ehrliche, unglaublich erfahrene Trainerin. Sie erkennt schnell die Defizite, aber auch die Stärken der Teams. Sie stellt sich sehr schnell auf jeden ein und hat viele wegweisende Ideen. Wenn etwas gut läuft hat Sie aber auch die Stärke es so laufen zu lassen und zwingt einem keine Methode über. Ein Seminar mit Ihr macht einfach unglaublich Spaß und regt die kleinen grauen Zellen von Hund und Hundeführer an. Vielen Dank ;) Monique

Sibylle Langer

Trainer DRV  Idstein (Dld) 

Mantrailing Nederland - Halteweg 6 - 7122 MB Aalten - +31 (0) 6 27 11 11 50
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